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Types of Outdoor Signage: What Works Where?

17 January 2022

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What’s the Best Material for Outdoor Signs?

05 January 2022

Whether it’s to promote a brand, create public art or provide information to the public, outdoor signage needs to be clear, well designed and easy to maintain. But perhaps the most important consideration for any form of signage that will be exposed to the elements is its ability to withstand whatever nature has to throw […]

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Durable buildings – vitreous enamel architectural cladding

05 November 2021

The importance of durable buildings Durability and energy efficiency are the cornerstone of creating a sustainable built environment. We are all aware that our successful future as a planet is focussed on the concerns of climate change. Because of this architects, planners, developers, and private contractors are focussed on the construction of durable buildings – […]

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The Lost Art of Screen Printing & Its Use in Vitreous Enamel

22 September 2021

All of us, at one point or another, will have seen a piece of art or graphic design which has been screen printed – whether it’s Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe or a gig poster tacked up at a student bar. But while anyone who has passed through an art education will be dimly familiar with […]

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lost art of screen printing

Art Fabrication, Vitreous Enamel and Public Art Projects: Frequently Asked Questions

14 September 2021

Links Signs have supported artists in the creation of public arts projects in the UK for over a decade, fulfilling the role of public art fabricator often operating behind the scenes. We help artists to realise their concepts and designs as both permanent pieces of public art or as more temporary exhibition pieces, art installations and […]

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