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Links Signs pride themselves on the quality of its in-house production facilities and the high technical capability of the production staff. No matter how large or small the job, the same care and attention is given, ensuring the client’s needs are always met on time.

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Large format digital printing

Sign manufacture need not be an expensive proposition. Depending on your requirements, digital printing can be a quick and cost-effective solution. The lifecycle of digitally printed can also vary depending on your needs and budget. Sometimes, a client may even want a product to have a short lifespan, or be biodegradable.

Links Signs uses the latest HP Latex Dye Sublimation Printers and direct to substrate printers. This allows for maximum versatility of substrates or materials we can print to. Links Signs can also recommend substrates that fit within your budget.

We can also laminate in-house on one of our two laminating machines and then cut to size and shape. Our company has invested in a top-of-the-range ROLLSROLLER to apply laminates to printed substrates. Consequently, all products we laminate are produced perfectly bubble-free.

To find out more about our large format digital printing services get in touch with our team using our contact page or call 01424 424 423 now.

Digital Printing


Vitreous enameling

Our vitreous enamelling plant is one of the newest in the UK. It has quickly established a reputation for producing high quality vitreous enamel products at affordable pricing. As a result, manufacture of this premium product is now affordable and available to all that want long lasting, high quality signage.

Producing our own vitreous enamel in-house ensures we meet the high quality demanded by our clients, through our stringent internal quality checks. These are implemented as part of our ongoing commitment to ISO 9001.

The vitreous enamel department are able to match the majority of Pantone colours required. They can either screen print or spray coat materials to give a complete one colour look.

Through clever production techniques and innovative practices we have achieved up to 24 colours on one vitreous enamel panel.

To discuss more about our vitreous enameling services get in touch with our team using our contact page or call 01424 424 423 now.

Vitreous Enameling

Screen Printing

Within the vitreous enamel facility we have a large screen printing studio. We apply traditional screen printing techniques to vitreous enamel panels and other mediums.

The Chinese first developed the technique over 2,000 years ago. It was expanded upon some years later by the Japanese, who used woven silk to make the screens. This is where the term ‘Silk Screen Printing’ came from. These days, the newest screens (like ours) are made from polymer meshes.

The Screen Printing Studio houses three screen printing benches that can handle graphics from up to 3000mm x 1500mm right down to small items measuring as little as 50mm square.

Screen printing is the ideal manufacture technique when you have long print runs of the same graphic. Being able to offer this service on a range of different surfaces allows us to offer our clients true cost-saving production alternatives.

To enquire about our screen printing services get in touch with our team using our contact page or call 01424 424 423 now.

Screen Printing

Metal Fabrication and Manufacture

Links Signs offer in house metal fabrication facilities and have a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. This includes sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium fabrication, in addition to the manufacture of bespoke architectural products..

We are continually investing in new technologies so that we can keep offering our clients the latest manufacturing techniques and services.

For all your metal fabrication needs call 01424 424 423 or get in touch with our team using our contact page.

Metal Fabrication and Manufacture

Production Partners

Because we’ve nurtured close ties with several other specialised production partners, Links Signs can offer the following additional premium services:

  • Laser Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Structural Engineers

Interested in upgrading your signage or cladding? Get in touch on our contact page or call 01424 424 423 if you have any queries.

Production Partners

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