Way Out Signs Vitreous Enamel

Vitreous Enamel Signs

Vitreous Enamel Signs

Vitreous enamel signs are a unique, durable and versatile way to promote your brand or business. Often used for wayfinding and public signage it is also graffiti resistant making vitreous enamel the leading choice for permanent signage solutions.

Why use Vitreous Enamel Signs?

Vitreous Enamel signage is resistant to fading, graffiti damage and is durable in extremes of temperature and weather conditions. A vitreous enamel sign will have a life span of around 25 years and is the perfect choice for long term and permanent signage in urban environments with heavy pedestrian traffic. Vitreous Enamel is best known in the UK for its use on the tube’s wayfinding signage for our client – the London Underground. You can also see vitreous enamel signage on street signs, public wayfinding signage and in public spaces like gardens and public art installations.

It is a beautiful solution that offers vibrant and accurate colour reproduction. It is perfectly suited to branding projects and public art works.

Baker Street Roundel Vitreous Enamel Signs

What is Vitreous Enamel?

Vitreous enamel is a fusion of powdered glass and stainless steel fired at very high temperatures – making it one of the most powerful, durable and reliable materials in the sign-making industry. It is an ancient process that requires high levels of skill, craftsmanship and expertise.

Benefits of using Vitreous Enamel Signage

It is a low maintenance signage solution and chemically resistant to thermal shock, graffiti, weather damage and abrasions. It does not corrode and the colours on the signage do not fade. It has a 25-year life span making it a long-term cost-effective option for public space signage and in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Baker Street Vitreous Enamel Signs

Other Uses Of Vitreous Enamel 

Architectural Vitreous Enamel Cladding – a zero smoke, zero fire rated material that can be used as a cladding/rain shield system to a building, tunnel or even a room

Vitreous Enamel Public Art Murals – an incredibly robust, vibrantly coloured material that is ideal for public spaces and artworks in high traffic areas.

Vitreous Enamel Public Art - Northwood Hills

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Way Out Signs Vitreous Enamel

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