Site Surveys


Site Surveys

Whether your project is a small single-sign installation or a multi-site project, our site surveys will help break down your project into easy steps.

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Links Signs Site Surveys – Safety, Accessibility & Risk Assessment

Determining location, safety and accessibility with your branding or way finding project is easy with Links Signs site surveys. Our team will prioritise safety, while ensuring your site is suitable for what you have in mind. If our risk assessment picks up any issues that may affect placement of signage, we recommend alternatives so that your business complies with safety and accessibility requirements.

What does our site survey service include?

Site surveys ensure your business complies with regulations – so your project runs safely and smoothly from start to finish. Because we cover everything from pedestrian routes to technical aspects, you can be sure our reports are comprehensive. In addition, we advise you regularly check that signs are in the correct place in your building – you may be surprised how much a building can change over the years!

Start planning your branding or way finding project today and get in touch with our team using our contact page or call 01424 424 423.

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