Outdoor weatherproof signage at Beckton underground station

Weatherproof Signs

Durable, weatherproof outdoor signage

Weatherproof signs are durable signs that are  produced for outdoor use.  Our weatherproof signage is chemically resistant to thermal shock and is the only viable signage solution for  desert climates. What’s more it will not degrade in  rain, wind and snow and it will remain colour fast with no fading due to the sun.  Our vitreous enamel signage has a life span of around 25 years and is completely resistant to all types of weather.

Weather resistant signage for extreme climates

We recommend using Vitreous Enamel if you need incredibly robust, long lasting and completely weatherproof outdoor signage that can withstand a climates’ extremes. Vitreous enamel signs and colours will not fade in intense sun. The signage surface itself will not crack or warp in extreme temperatures.



Extreme climate weatherproof signs snowy scene

What signage to use in a Desert Climate ?

We specialise in  creating durable weatherproof signage for countries that experience extreme desert climates in the MENA region including North Africa, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Most metal or vinyl outdoor signs will fade within 3 to 5 years of installation and need replacing in a forgiving temperate climate. The degradation of traditional signage solutions and materials happens much faster  in extreme temperatures.

In very hot climates most signage solutions will warp and crack but vitreous enamel can withstand high temperatures. It is completely resistant to fading from the sun and colours remain true.  Vitreous enamel as a material can also cope with variations of  temperature and does not shatter when subjected to the extreme cold. 

Desert climate outdoor sign in desert scene

What material is used for outdoor signage?

Although we recommend our virtually indestructible Vitreous Enamel as the best solution for long term durable signs suitable for all weather conditions, we also produce and install illuminated and projecting signage that can be used on the exterior of retail and commercial premises. Both are also weatherproof. 

Benefits of using Vitreous Enamel Signage

It is a low maintenance signage solution and chemically resistant to thermal shock, graffiti, weather damage and abrasions. It does not corrode and the colours on the signage do not fade. It has a 25-year life span making it a long-term cost-effective option for public space signage and in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Vitreous Enamel Public Art - Northwood Hills

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