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Types of Outdoor Signage: What Works Where?

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17 January 2022

Outdoor signage can be created to fulfil a range of objectives, from pointing people in the right direction to giving a great impression to anyone visiting a business premises. Both a key part of brand building and vital to our infrastructure (such as transport systems), there are many types of outdoor signage, and finding the best fit is vital to its success in any given project. 

Understanding the different types of outdoor signage available is the first step in choosing what will be most effective for your project or business. Read on to discover the different forms of outdoor signage, how they function in the outside environment, and their advantages for promotional, informational or wayfaring purposes. 

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage offers project managers and business owners a fantastic opportunity to make a real impact, and stand out amongst busy and brand-saturated environments. Shining brightly in eye-catching colours, illuminated signage can be manufactured and installed in a huge variety of creative designs and formats, as the expertise of Links Signs experienced technicians ensure that clients can confidently explore a range of possibilities. 

While illuminated signage can be used indoors to great effect, its usefulness in an outdoor environment stems from its attention-drawing quality. In countries that spend much of the year experiencing low lighting levels (such as the UK), illuminated signage glows attractively and contributes to the atmosphere and aesthetics of its environment. It is also ideally suited for businesses and services that operate at night, while the care and knowledge of Links Signs’ manufacture ensure it can stand up to the elements. 


Vitreous Enamel Signage 

Uniquely strong, durable and resilient, vitreous enamel is a fantastic material for weatherproof signage [link] which is uniquely suited to demanding environments. Made from coloured glass that is fused over a complex process of designing, screen printing and firing onto stainless steel, vitreous enamel signage is the ideal choice for those who need signage that lasts. 

Vitreous enamel signage is also extremely versatile – in the hands of our skilled technicians, near endless colour combinations and intricate designs can be rendered in this medium, to the extent that it has been used to create public art murals. The result is extraordinarily resilient signage that does not crack, fade or peel whatever weather it is subjected to, while also being bright and attractive, and truly enhancing a space. 

Unfortunately, businesses and local councils don’t only have to take the forces of nature into account when choosing signs, but the potential for man-made damage as well. Vitreous enamel is suited to outside spaces because it benefits from being graffiti resistant, saving the time and hassle of clean up should someone decide to add their own brand of decoration to your signage. Furthermore, through the durable nature of vitreous enamel and careful efforts Links Signs installation teams, these signs cannot be pulled apart or stolen by passersby. 

Vibrant Vitreous Enamel


Projected Signage

The term “projected signage” refers to any signage which projects from a wider building or structure, and it is particularly useful in a high street setting to help customers notice and pick out your business. It is also very valuable as a wayfinding tool, creating obvious points of reference that travellers can use to orientate themselves. 

Like every type of signage that Links Signs provides, the projected signage we manufacture and install is as resilient as possible to the environment it’s going to be positioned in, whilst also serving the needs of branding and design. The advantage of projected signs as outdoor signage is their literal ability to “stand out” and catch the attention of passerby’s. Projected signage can also be illuminated, making it even more noticeable and visually appealing. 

Hoarding Signage

Hoardings are used to screen off construction sites and shield people walking by from any building activity taking place, acting as a barrier between the public and the potentially harmful ongoing work behind their panels. Usually made from wood or steel, hoardings offer a fantastic blank canvas for advertisers looking for a short-term signage solution. 

It may be that the construction project underway inside is communicated to the public through concept drawings of the finished building, or that advertisers unattached to the project take advantage of this extensive public-facing, outdoor advertising space to promote their own products. 

As outdoor signage has the potential to spread over a large surface area, there are a huge amount of creative opportunities to be taken advantage of with hoarding signage.

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