Vitreous Enamel art installation photographed by Thierry Bal


Northwood Hills – Artwork

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Northwood Hills Modular Vitreous Enamel Cladding

Links Signs was commissioned by the London Borough of Hillingdon to design a modular vitreous enamel cladding system that could carry artwork by renowned artists Gordon Collett and Cosmo Sarson. These murals celebrate the history of the local Northwood Hills area as part of a large regeneration project.

About the Artists

Gordon Collett is a mural painter, a fine art portrait painter, a bookplate designer and an art tutor. In his work, he has collaborated with other artists and public bodies in the creation of large-scale artwork, in particular that which supports the community. Cosmo Sarson is also a painter, and is a well known figure in the UK street art scene, having appeared in several books on the subject.

Links Signs also commissioned photographer Thierry Bal to capture this fantastic piece of public art. Thierry’s practice predominantly focuses on contemporary art – he specialises in working with arts magazines, arts institutions and projects with and for artists. 

Creation and Installation

Surveys of the mural areas were made, in order to establish a panel design meeting the requirements of the artists. In addition, Transport for London also required us to develop a robust framing and fixing method. Since balancing artistic and structural requirements was crucial, this was obviously no mean feat.

In the end, Links Signs produced 48 individual screen printed panels of beautiful artwork. Working closely with the artists, a bespoke palette of colours were mixed at our studio. These were in turn screen printed to the cladding, with each panel having between 9 and 23 colours!

Links Signs and Public Art 

Links Signs have collaborated with artists, councils and art institutions in the creation of several public arts projects. We believe in the power of public art to tell the story of a community, aid in regeneration, encourage visitors to an area and bolster public pride. Our work as signage manufacturers also, of course, gives us a great interest in design and the practical and aesthetic aspects of creating work in public spaces. 

Our experts are always interested in hearing about new public arts projects. If you have an idea you think we can help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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