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We have over 20 years of experience of producing wayfinding and other forms of signage for busy transport hubs, including signage in airports. As fully accredited and trusted signage suppliers to mass transport organisations like the London Underground, Network Rail and The Elizabeth Line we fully understand the many regulations and stringent safety requirements governing airport signs. We also understand how crucial clear and effective signage is to help travellers with wayfinding at busy and often stressful times.

Primarily airport terminal signs need to be clear and legible to help customers easily navigate around the airport landscape, and they must also be durable and robust to remain legible in busy pedestrian areas. They must also be manufactured in materials that adhere to an airport’s strict fire safety and building regulations.


What are the different types of airport terminal signs?

Most airports combine digital signage with well positioned printed signage to develop a cohesive wayfinding scheme for passengers and visitors.  We produce and install printed directional signage for walls and to be hung from ceilings, floor graphics for both wayfinding information and retail promotions, and maps of airport layouts. We also produce projected and illuminated signage  for retail units in the airport terminal.


The role of digital signage in airports

The ability to provide real time information on flight times, gate departures and other key information for travellers has led to an increase in digital message boards in airport terminals.

These digital screens can also be used to run advertising campaigns that help drive revenue for the airport. Airports are captive markets for brands. World leading brands have shops and kiosks throughout the airport. They can promote their brands and through use of digital screens.

airport terminal signs

What makes good airport signage?

All airport signage must be universally understood and not constrained by language barriers. Airport signs tend to have a consistency of colour coding to help with this – yellow for departures, green for arrivals for example. Clear symbols and icons in colour contrasting designs and clear typefaces ensure it can be understood by all passengers. Signage must also be well positioned within the airport and be bold in design to draw a passenger’s attention.

Signage must be durable and be produced in materials that can withstand different climates and temperature extremes. It must also be colour fast and resistant to UV fading.

Safety is paramount in all airport terminals and environments, so working with a fully accredited supplier who understands and adheres to stringent fire safety polices and all Building Regulations is key.

Low maintenance signage in airport terminals is essential to ensure the busy environment is not interrupted by regular maintenance teams. By working with high quality materials, we ensure that signage has longevity and will not degrade or fade. This is particularly important when producing terminal maps that enable a passenger to trace their route and touch the map. We are one of only a few producers of vitreous enamel signage for these situations – a virtually indestructible material that has a 0-fire rating and 0 smoke emissions.


If you’re looking for Airport signage, we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements and any queries you may have.


Links Signs manufacture all our own products

Reasons Clients Choose Links Signs

The Links Signs team have an international mindset. Our experienced designers are experts in brand perception for global audiences.

Our in house design and manufacturing capability, enables us to design, project manage, develop and construct all in one place so no part of the project is siloed.

We are well versed in the guilde lines associated with airport signage, having worked on an array of challenging wayfinding signage projects over the past two decades.

“Amazing High Quality”

“A pleasure to work with Links again on such a poignant programme. Delivering amazing high quality. Very much looking forward to working together again in the future.”

Robert Varney – Engagement Officer (North) & TfL Charities Scheme Manager

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