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London Underground Wayfinding Signs

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Wayfinding Signs by Links Signs on the London Underground

Exit Guides are wayfinding signs designed to help travellers locate prominent nearby attractions when leaving London Underground Tube stations. Important landmarks, road names, public buildings and other transport links are all highlighted. Large, easy to navigate maps also form the centrepiece of such signs. Exit Guides are designed to be as simple and easy for people to understand as possible. But behind this simplicity, a range of considerations and processes go in to making these signs so user-friendly.

Putting the Detail in to Simplicity

Exit Guide wayfinding signs are a type of sign that come fitted within a 25 mm rebated aluminium frame. Digitally printed vinyl is mounted to aluminium panels fitted to the frames. Importantly, the signs themselves can be made to conform to the surface they are being installed to.

For example, Links Signs were contracted to produce 50 Exit Guides for King’s Cross Station. 8 of these were mounted to flat walls – but the other 42 needed installing to curved walls. Similarly, we also produced 21 Exit Guides for Elephant & Castle, where there are also curved walls. Achieving the perfect fit for curved wayfinding signs required extensive surveys at both locations. Laser measuring equipment was used to calculate the exact curvature of the walls. We also give our clients the option of choosing what colour frames are required. We can powder coat the rebated frames in a variety of colours, to compliment the surfaces they are being installed to – or match the frames of other signage already present.

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