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Over the past year, Links Signs has been the chosen retail signage partner for high street favourites, Vanilla Retail Group.

High Fashion Meets High Concept Signage

We have partnered to provide Vanilla with bespoke in-store retail signage as well as bold external shop front signage and are fast closing in on our tenth store for them! Vanilla is in many ways an object lesson in using a variety of different types of illuminated signage to their best effect, whilst combining these types of signs in spaces which also include more traditional, non-illuminated graphics.

This combination of illuminated and non-illuminated signs, when considered together within the overall space they occupy, forms a mutually reinforcing effect. Think of illuminated signs as creating a ‘positive’ space and non-illuminated signs a ‘negative space’. Where the two types meet, they form a natural and complementary juxtaposition, balancing each other out. 

The Right Signs for the Job

Key to the internal graphics within Vanilla stores are thephotographic displays they use to advertise their latest clothing lines. Vanilla had specific ideas right from the start of how they wanted these to look. Make them big and bold, wall-mountable, with the ability to swap out graphics as and when product lines need to be refreshed.

Links was able to install a solution that met all of their criteria, in the form of digitally printed illuminated light boxes. Digitally printable high-stretch mesh fabric sits over an internally illuminated framework, sealed with silicone keders. Existing graphics are easily removable due to the innovative ‘grip strip’ clamp system. New digitally printed fabric mesh graphics just clip into position, replacing the previous graphics.

Fullfilling the Brief

Each Vanilla store required numerous different types of signage, made to exacting measurements and cut to size for prescision fitting, including:

With multiple stores being fitted at once, a key consideration was planning and organising access for our specialist installers. Our Project Managers worked closely not just with Vanilla Retail Group themselves, but also individual shopping centres, to identify key installation windows for each store well ahead of time.

Vanilla Retail Group interior store signage

Cash desk signage, featuring illuminated light boxes, flat black acrylic logo and cash desk acrylic POS blocks.

Vanilla Retail Group exterior store signage

Vanilla store external signage, consisting of internally LED illuminated logo, plus both digitally printed and contour cut reverse-applied vinyl window graphics.

Vanilla Retail Group exterior store signage

Vanilla Retail Group exterior store signage

Vanilla Retail Group interior store signage

Illuminated lightbox signs

Vanilla Retail Group exterior store signage

Pink Blue Vanilla brand variant logo. Suspended steel and acrylic built up letters with internal LED illumination.

Vanilla Retail Group interior store signage

Vinyl on foam PVC suspended photographic displays

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