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Turnham Green – Mural Cladding

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Links Signs Completes Urban Redevelopment Vitreous Enamel Cladding Project at Turnham Green

Local group Abundance London approached Hounslow Council with an ambitious project to regenerate an area beneath Turnham Green railway bridge.

With permission from Transport for London, the area has been transformed with two sets of mural artworks. The murals depict a series of 16 cartographic images, dating back from 1593 to the present day. Included are diagrams of the first train line and Second World War bomb damage, illustrating the changes over the centuries.

Abundance London are a group of voluntary growers and community activists who harvest surplus fruit, plant orchards, take part in “guerrilla gardening” and work to connect their urban community with nature. They are also committed to creating beautiful public spaces not only through gardening but through art, working with local schools, volunteers, businesses, community groups and local government to achieve their aims. 

Creation and Installation

Following initial surveys, Links Signs won the tender to make, print and install two sets of 27 meter-long murals to cover two walls. Links Signs delivered a series of 49 individual vitreous enamel cladded panels, each nearly 3 meters tall. Vitreous enamel is an incredibly durable material, with excellent weather resistance and UV protection. Because each panel is unique, screen printing them required anything from 3 or 4, to 15 different individual colours. The panels are supported by a framework of steel box sections. Additionally, the panels had to be carefully positioned on the walls to cover existing obstacles like drainage pipes.

At least 1 out of every 3 panels also feature beautiful artworks by renowned artists such as Sir Peter Blake and William Hogarth. These were carefully applied as full colour transfers and sealed during the enamelling process. The entire project forms part of the Chiswick Timeline project, which is additionally supported by a commemorative book and other materials.

Links Signs and Public Art

At Links Signs we are always keen to support public arts projects through our experience and expertise. Acting both as art fabricators and signage manufacturers across a variety of public arts projects, we work together with artists, institutions and public bodies such as local councils to bring artistic concepts into the public realm. 

We believe wholeheartedly in the place art can have in enhancing public spaces – whether it’s in fostering a sense of community or contributing to urban renewal. If you would like to find out more about how our work can help to facilitate public art, do get in touch. 


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