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Multi-Site Labyrinth Artworks by Mark Wallinger

Art on the Underground, as part of the 150th anniversary of the tube, commissioned Mark Wallinger, one of the UK’s leading contemporary artists, to create a new large multi-site Labyrinth artworks for London Underground.

Wallinger created 270 individual artworks – a new piece for each station. Because the majority of signs and cladding on London underground are fabricated from vitreous enamel, using the material for the Labyrinths was a natural choice. Mark’s designs feature bold black and red print on a white background. The slightly embossed finish of the print gives a tactile feel to each artwork. Commuters are able to interact with the art by touch – especially significant for the visually impaired. Following the path of each Labyrinth with a finger adds a level of interaction beyond just the purely visual.

Links Signs won the manufacture and installation contract for this project. It was one of the very first projects to go through our newly built vitreous enamel plant.

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