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Links Signs Completes Branded Shopfront Signage Fit-Out for Inspired Property Hub

In 2019, Links Signs was approached by new estate agency start-up, Inspired Property Hub, to manufacture and install branded shopfront signage for their flagship office in East Sussex. The property itself has the unique benefit of visible frontage from three different directions. Situated on a busy interchange, the project gave us the opportunity to maximise the branded visibility of their office from multiple sight-lines. The client already had a strong visual identity and colour palette in slate grey and a vibrant orange. The original building fascias were pre-stripped and the entire frontage repainted ready for us to transform.

Bespoke Fascias & Illuminated Signs

Key to the new look is a branded fascia running around all three visible outer walls of the building. Colour matching the signage we were fabricating to the very specific orange tone of the client’s branding was crucial. Operating on a fairly tight budget, the materials we recommended for manufacture had to not only be durable and long lasting, but also affordable to the client. For the non-illuminated panels, we chose a lightweight aluminium composite material, covered with colour-matched Avery® orange vinyl. These panels then had various messaging in the form of fret-cut white vinyl letters applied, before being sealed with a weather and UV-resistant laminate. Where these are screwed in place, we even included coloured screw caps, to hide the fixings.

At intervals along the fascia are three built-up illuminated signature logo signs (one on each of the three walls). Composed of folded, powder coated aluminium – each of these trays has lettering laser-cut from the base material. Through these apertures, translucent orange acrylic letters are extruded. Internal LED lighting wired inside each of the trays shines through the acrylic lettering. These illuminate at night, around every side of the building. Additionally, a protruding, side-bracket mounted illuminated logo roundel provides extra illumination and branding on the side of the building parallel to the main thoroughfare.

Secondary Signage

As well as the fascia signage, we also installed additional signage panels either side of the main entrance. As with the (non-illuminated) fascia panels, these were also formed from ACM and covered with vinyl. The graphics on these panels are digitally printed however, rather than fret-cut. Each is protected with the same weather and UV-resistant laminate as the main fascia panels. The glazed doors themselves also include opening hours information in the form of fret-cut, reverse applied Avery® grey vinyl lettering. Being a daytime installation, our expert install crew paid particular attention to the safety of passing pedestrians. Our fully accredited installers undertake all works in a safe and controlled manner.


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