Headlam Trade Counter - Ashford


Headlam Trade Counter – Ashford

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Headlam Trade Counter

Links Signs recently completed the printing, manufacture and installation of new signage for the Headlam Group. Headlam are a UK based company and Europe’s largest floor covering distributer.

Ashford Signage

Headlam asked us to produce new exterior signage for their Trade Counter in Ashford, comprising a number of large wall-mounted signs, plus additional window vinyl posters. The largest external sign, mounted directly to the right of the main shuttered trade entrance, measures in at 6 metres long and over a metre high. We manufactured it from 3 separate ACM panels, covered with digitally printed vinyl graphics and sealed with a protective satin-finish laminate. All three panels are held together within a Panatrim frame that we powder coated to a silver finish of the client’s choosing. Panatrim is a type of aluminium extrusion available in several different types of profile, designed to allow panels to be slotted in place, whilst hiding any visible fixings on the face of the sign – for a nice, clean finish.

A second Panatrim frame is displayed directly opposite, on the left side of the trade entrance. Designed to advertise the types of products the Trade Counter sells, this sign is to the same spec as the large 6 metre Panatrim sign, although not as wide (comprising two ACM panels which together measure just over three and a half metres long). These two signs are complemented by a third, metre-long Panatrim sign, denoting the Collections point, fitted directly above the shutters.

We also printed a couple of metre-high vinyls for application to the windows below the main 6-metre long sign, advertising the Trade Counter’s products, services and opening times.

Are you looking for large, visually eye-catching signs for the exterior of a building with a guaranteed lifespan but at an affordable price point using lightweight materials? Panatrim signs are just one of the fantastic options Links Signs can offer to our clients.

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