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Canning Town Station ‘Super Graphics’ Transformation

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Working in collaboration with TfL, Links Signs have undertaken a comparatively small – but vital – piece of wayfinding signage production and consultation, helping to make station navigation clearer and easier for passengers at Canning Town. 

The Importance of Wayfinding

There are few things more frustrating than being in a hurry, and not being able to find out where the platform you need is. Commuters and passengers on the TfL network know the value of clear, distinctive wayfinding signage, and the fast-paced nature of travel in the capital means being able to quickly and easily find the correct platform, stop, and route is crucial. 

While the TfL network may be a marvel of logistical operation, its complexity can sometimes have an impact on how easy it is to navigate its many stations. 

Canning Town in particular, is a station which has something of a reputation for being particularly confusing, due to its complicated layout. The station has a multi-levelled platform – when interchanging between Jubilee line and DLR, this can be quite disorientating.

A Collaborative Approach

In March of 2021 Links Signs were contracted by TfL to undertake a wayfinding survey, and help manufacture signage to clarify the station layout. Links Signs are a trusted supplier for TfL, having worked on several projects prior to this, with our expert teams providing consulting and manufacturing solutions for a variety of sites across London. 

Links Signs initially conducted a survey, to identify the most efficient and effective way of ensuring passengers could quickly and easily identify where they were, and where they needed to go. We were then instructed by TfL to deliver the  graphics, working closely with their designer to make their intended concept a reality.

A Durable Solution

The solution was a series of ‘super graphics – these large numbered signs, to clearly markate the platform numbers. Clearly visible from a distance, large platform identifiers have been installed that indicate platform number, and are colour-coded to the respective line, making it easy to see which platform section correlates with which number, and ensuring passengers know which part of the platform they need to stand on.

The graphics were manufactured using fire-rated materials that are approved by TfL. The graphics were successfully installed over 2 nights early March 2021 by Links Signs’  fully-accredited install teams, and we’re pleased to say that feedback from customers and Station Staff to date has been extremely positive.

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