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17 January 2020

Links Signs Set Phasers to Stunning!

Klingon to the handrails, all you Trekkies out there, because Links Signs, in partnership with TfL and Amazon Prime UK, have boldly gone and done it again! Amazon UK approached TfL with the idea of transforming Piccadilly Circus tube station into #Picardilly to promote their latest Star Trek sci-fi series. In turn, TfL engaged Links Signs to make it so!

The result is a station completely transformed (for a very limited period) in to an out-of-this-world advert for the latest in the beloved sci-fi franchise. It’s guaranteed to make commuters want to sign up to their nearest Starfleet Academy office – or at least Amazon’s hugely popular streaming service. Picardilly Circus, as it has temporarily been renamed, features beautiful Star Fleet insignias behind the iconic London Underground roundels along both the Piccadilly and Bakerloo line platforms. These are complimented by brand new vinyl frieze overlays above the tiled archways. We also digitally printed a series of vinyl window graphics to grace the ticket hall, each featuring one of the main characters of the new show. Even the line diagrams at the station had a Picardilly makeover, in keeping with the rest of the station.

Surveying and Installation at Warp Speed!

In order to provide Amazon UK’s design agency with exact templates to work to for the vinyl graphics, Links Signs undertook an extensive and detailed survey of all the areas TfL had cleared for use as advertising space. Each of the tiled archways, for example, vary slightly in size. This meant keeping track of and matching up graphics to specific archways became a logistical exercise in itself. From the beginning, the transformation was intended to only be live for a mere 48 hours. This meant the window for our installers to both install and then remove the graphics was very tight. Luckily, our expert and fully accredited install team are masters of the quick turnaround! An entire armada of Romulan Warbirds wouldn’t be enough to rattle the steely resolve of our install team. Installing and removing all the graphics in a single night certainly wasn’t going to phase them!

If you saw our work at Picardilly for the brief time it was there, we hope you enjoyed it. We’re all looking forward to watching Picard’s latest adventures when the new show airs on January 24th.



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