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Go With The Glow: The Benefits of Illuminated Signage

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16 February 2022

When it comes to making an impression, the benefits of illuminated signage are hard to beat. Discover how beautifully illuminated signage can amplify your brand and boost your business. 

Now more than ever, businesses have to strive to get noticed in a hyper-competitive world. With the ever-captivating draw of smartphone screens dominating the attention of potential customers and a shift towards online retail, standing out in a shopping district, entertainment complex or high street is more important than ever. 

Choosing the right signage solution can make a huge amount of difference for brands looking to make an impression. There are many different forms of signage and any one of them may be appropriate depending on the function, context and brand guidelines they have to serve. 

Illuminated signage, however, has some unique and compelling benefits which can make it the ideal choice for many kinds of brands, including retail, hospitality and service businesses. With modern illuminated signs powered by LED lights rather than energy-hungry neon, it is also a far more cost-effective and eco-friendly option than it once was. 

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The History of Illuminated Signage 

The first illuminated sign was used to celebrate the achievements of American inventor and businessman Thomas Edison, who transformed the industrialised world with his many innovations. He is most famous for inventing the electric lightbulb, and at the 1882 International Electrical Exposition in London, his name was spelt out in large block letters using incandescent bulbs. 

Illuminated signage, however, did not come into anything like mainstream use until the advent of neon lighting in the 1920s, where neon gas was placed within a glass tube and electrified in order to create a bright, coloured light. This later developed into fluorescent lighting (a cheaper and therefore more popular choice from the 1960s), which in turn gave way to high-quality LED bulbs, which now represent the main source of lighting as other kinds of illumination are phased out. 

The Benefits of Illuminated Signage 

Visibility: Illuminated signage, no matter where you are or the time of day, has the advantage of being highly noticeable and visually impressive. Naturally, illuminated signage suits businesses that operate at night, but any business can benefit from the added brightness that illumination brings. 

In the UK and many other countries across the world, much of the year is spent with reduced lighting levels due to drab weather and short days, which can make illuminated signage a great choice even for daytime businesses. 

Distinctiveness: Illuminated signage is a choice that sets brands apart, and when used correctly, it can create a sense of glamour or prestige that elevates businesses in the minds of their customers. Illuminated signage inside a bar or restaurant, for example, can give the space a unique and charming atmosphere, while illuminated shopfront signage for a clothing store could make a brand appear more chic and upmarket. 

Versatility: With the help of expert signage manufacture and installation, there are an endless variety of forms and designs that illuminated signage can appear in. The LED lights integral to illuminated signage can be created in a stunning variety of colours, and they are small and versatile enough to suit a huge amount of designs – from script-like font to full panel patterns. 

Maintenence: Durability is always a priority for Links Signs, and illuminated signage can be easily maintained and cared for without fuss or the continual need for expert input. As the lights used with these signage systems never become too hot, they can be wiped and cleaned effortlessly, which helps them to stay looking as spick-and-span as the day they were installed. 

With decades of expertise, Links Signs can design, create and install illuminated signage that is well made enough to withstand weather such as wind and rain (and resist general wear and tear). making illuminated signs that are resilient enough to last for years to come.

Our signage experts can help you make the best choice for your business and take your illuminated signage project from design to installation. Get in touch today to find out more

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